Ask almost anyone for a Birdsall’s memory and get ready for the stories... 

From married couples who originally met while scooping ice cream as their first job…to grandparents who remember having their first ice cream cone with THEIR grandparents at Birdsall’s and returning with their own grandchildren today…to celebrations galore with family and friends after games, concerts, plays…or just because…

If you live in North Iowa, you probably have a Birdsall’s story. 

Come in. Grab a homemade waffle cone filled with your favorite ice cream flavor, a traditional hot fudge sundae with pecans, a delicious shake or malt, or anything on our menu! Grab a seat and share your memories with us. We’d love to hear YOUR Birdsall’s story! Here is ours...

Life is short; eat ice cream!

Birdsall's Through the Years


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